The level of performance of the horse is depending on several factors. Of course you try to pursue these factors the right way. If you want your horse to be a ‘happy athlete’ it’s important to have a good management for your sporthorse. Equine professionals like the vet, the farrier, the saddlefitter, the dentist and the physiotherapist are involved in this management.

Horses in competitionIMG_8597

When your horse gets injured during a competition period, you want to use as little medication (like painkillers or anti-inflammatory drugs) as possible, because of FEI doping rules. By physiotherapy treatment several problems can be solved without the use of medication. Drugtesting won’t be a problem when you continue competition.

Horses known with former back-problems or other injuries

Regular examination and treatment reduces the riskfactors for re-injury.

Young horses getting in training

When a young horse gets in training, it doesn’t have the ‘core stability’, the strength and endurance yet to carry the rider properly. Due to this, some horses get subtile injuries, that can lead to serious problems in the future. Regular check-up and treatment can be indicated to prevent this to happen.

Note: most preventive treatments take place with an interval of 1 to 3 months.