When your horse is referred by a veterinarian, please send us his/her name and phone number with your application, because it’s important that we get in contact to prepare the case.



Clinical examination

We start with a consultation about the performance and potential problems. Then we observe the horse in standing position and in motion. After that we examine the functioning of the joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments and neurologic system of the horse. Because of our chiropractic background, our specialty is to examine the spine. This contains the skull, the neck, the back, the ribs and the pelvis. After our examination, we make our diagnosis and treatment plan.



Ultrasound examination

This is a mobile, quick and safe way to screen for possible injuries (or to follow up). All images are checked by dr. Erik Bergman. If it’s necessary we advise you to refer the horse to your veterinarian, before starting or continuing treatment. We can send the images or a report to your vet on request.